UK based Photographer - London

When he was a kid Mark wanted to make cartoons with Walt Disney, he spent his time up in his room creating characters and telling stories through little animations.
He was always the kid who when everyone zigged, he zagged. Skateboarding, snowboarding and rock climbing became his passion, and this is when he discovered the camera as a tool of documenting and journalling his life.

Trough travelling he discovered the world has many stories that remain to be told, things that remain to be said but aren't. So he remains dedicated to using his talent behind the lens to convey to the world what its beauty, its scars and its ridiculousness truly feels like.
He chooses photography over words to tell these stories from his view point, fashion is stories, is fairytale, is make believe, it can be anything we wish it to be & that is it's beauty. He refuses to just photograph yet another beautiful person in yet another beautiful outfit, style & stories are infinitely more fascinating to him.

Driven by the passion to create in a world always hunting for new ideas. Together he hopes to tell the stories of those he works with. Equally happy and at home managing a bustling 20 person team fashion commission or on a low key one on one portrait editorial, so long as there are tea and biscuits.

He still zigs when everyone else zags.

He also finds it absolutely ludicrous writing about himself in third person.

Leica Master Photographer

Monochrome Master Photographer



Clients & Publications

  • Broncolor Lighting (Ad) (Print) (UK)
  • Sigma Lenses (Ad) (Print) (UK)
  • JimBagUK 2015 Campaign
  • Dead Legacy 2014 Campaign
  • Noctis Magazine (Print)
  • Turing Pro - Professional Photographer (Cover) (Print)
  • Leica Fotopark commissioned artist
  • British Hairdressing Awards Portfolio FINALIST 2013 - Rick Roberts
  • Gracia Magazine (UK) (Print)
  • Cosmopolitan (On Campus) (UK) (Print)
  • One&Other Magazine (Print)
  • Professional Photographer Magazine (Print)
  • Urban Coco / Leeds Shopping Guide (Cover) (Print)
  • Wove Magazine (Cover) (Editorial) (Print) 
  • BREED - Featured Photographer (Web)
  • Chasseur Magazine
  • Pause Magazine
  • Leica Masters
  • Urban Coco
  • Image Nation Exhibition 
  • fStoppers website featured photographer.
  • JimBagUK (2013 Launch Campaign)
  • EDUCATE & ELEVATE (2012 Look Book, 2013 Back to '92 Campaign)
  • ATQM (2013 Summer Campaign)
  • Debenhams (Print & Web)
  • National Trust - Advertising, Editorial, Literature, Promo (Print & Web)
  • Yorkshire Life Magazine (Print)

I can do an extraordinary job, not for everybody but for the few people that I want to work with and that want to work with me. Together we can create something unique that should stand out from the crowd.

Available for commissions & hire now.

My Favourite References

'Yes, I've worked with Mark, he is ever so slightly crazy, but a DAMN GOOD photographer, one of my faves in fact!' 

'Mark is a very talented photographer who sometimes bothers his assistants' Via my man in Japan, nothing has been lost in translation, assistants take note.

"Photography that often makes my jaw drop.  Want to see an artist that shoots from the heart? Check out this blog, they have the photos to back up their fancy (and sometimes not) equipment. Amazing work, great technique, and a great eye! I can’t ask for any more from an artist."

"shout to @bangphotography the dude can ball and take dope photos!" Damn straight!

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